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Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox Large Black Assembled

Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox

R 499

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The Tubbi Knockbox was originally released only in the small size, with the goal of offering home baristas a sturdy tool that still would look good on a kitchen counter, and avoid taking up too much space. Made of high quality materials that are also easy to clean, it may be the perfect solution for the casual home user.

Because of the Tubbi's popularity, Cafelat has also now released a larger version which is big enough for commercial use, but also can serve the avid home barista, maintaining the same elegant proportions and design. You can buy it in black or red, in either size.

Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox features & specifications

  • Small size capacity: ~10 pucks
  • Large size capacity: ~40 pucks
  • Made of ABS plastic, silicone, rubber and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable rubber removable bar for easy cleaning
  • Designed by: Karina Mencke, Denmark