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Coffee Brewmance Cupping Bundle

Coffee Brewmance Blind Cupping Bundle

R 320

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Ever been curious about coffee cupping? Cupping is the method that coffee professionals use to assess coffees. It's a standardised approach to brewing and tasting following fairly strict rules for consistency. The good news is that it's not actually that complicated, and our friends at Coffee Brewmance have created a series of podcasts to help anyone who wants to try it out.

To learn more about cupping, you can visit Coffee Brewmance's Cup-A-Long page and listen to the podcasts. There's one for each part of the process, from an explanation of the concept to the scoring, with a detailed explanation of the physical process and some handy sheets to download and use.

Even better, we worked with Coffee Brewmance to provide 2 separate cupping teams with 3x unlabelled bags of coffee, to cup as part of the podcast series. You can listen to these cupping recordings, and if you want to try it out for yourself, you can cup-a-long with the exact same coffees!

This bundle includes 3x 250g bags of coffee beans - the same ones that were used on the recording. When you purchase this bundle, we will deliver it to you by courier (delivery is included in the price) in blank bags, labelled 'A', 'B' & 'C. This will allow you to taste the coffees, compare your notes with those of the coffee pros on the recordings, without any bias from the knowledge of what the coffees are!

And when you're done - you can drink what's left! We're sure you'll enjoy them.

Happy Cupping!