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JURA Claris Water Filter Blue

JURA Claris Water Filter Blue

R 199

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Most JURA Bean To Cup Automatic Coffee Machines can operate with a water filter to ensure optimum water quality both for the flavour of your coffee and the longevity of your machine. Claris Water Filters remove calcium and other mineral deposits from the water, minimising the amount of limescale buildup that is inevitable in devices that heat water. They also remove other harmful substances like heavy metal and chlorine, while retaining the compounds required for good coffee extraction.

If you use a Claris Water Filter, you may not need to regularly descale your machine. However, in certain areas with very soft water, you may find it preferable to avoid using a water filter and rather opt to descale when your machine prompts you, as a certain amount of water hardness is required for optimal coffee extraction.

Claris Blue Water Filters are designed for use with JURA machines with a blue filter holder such as the F8, F9 & ENA Micro 1. Be sure to consult your manual to determine which type of filter you should use as each type has a different shaped fitting.