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Quaffee Costa Rica Zamorana Coffee Beans

Quaffee - Costa Rica Zamorana

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Despite Quaffee's penchant for high quality Latin American coffee, you may be surprised to hear that this is the first coffee from Costa Rica that we've ever had from our friends in Constantia. While the country has a long and proud history of cultivation, most of its crops go to big commercial buyers who rely on the country's consistent and classic flavour profiles and aren't looking for anything too adventurous or distinct.

Nevertheless, there are small producers who are really focused on quality and have coffees to share that have more than just a run of the mill chocolate & nut flavours. This is just such an example, which is what drew our friends from Quaffee to it.

This coffee will undoubtedly appeal to classic palates. It does have plenty of those chocolate flavours to enjoy as well as some nutty notes, but it also has a lovely butterscotch sweetness and apple (malic) acidity that give it some real personality. It will make a very tasty espresso but we also enjoyed it as filter, with particularly delicious results in a french press. 

Roaster's notes

  • Taste Profile: A bodied coffee with good spicy complexity and a slightly floral sweetness finish
  • Roast used: Heat used all through the roast with a stable to slightly decrease rate of rise, until the end when the coffee is dropped around 70 seconds after first crack starts

Coffee details

  • Farm: All farms are owned and operated by the Zamora family, this coffee is a selection of 10 farms from the Alajulea region
  • Region: Zamorana, Alajulea
  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Processing: Wet process coffee, mechanically de-pulped and dried
  • Species/Varietal: 100% Arabica: Caturra & Catuai
  • Altitude grown: 1,100 to 1,400 masl
  • Packaging: Grain Pro