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Quaffee Ethiopia Limu Kaffa Single Origin Coffee Beans

Quaffee - Ethiopia Limu Kaffa Forest

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Ethiopia is known today to have been the birthplace of coffee and Limu is one of its most famous coffee-producing regions. Along with Yirgacheffe, Sidamo & Harar, coffee beans from these regions have always been set apart, sold and marketed as separate lots because of the quality of these regions' crops.

This particular Limu is grown on the family-owned Kaffa Forest Estate where the coffee plants literally grow amongst the trees of the local forest. They are effectively wild and this provides both biodiversity and ideal growing conditions for the Arabica plant. This has also earned the farm Rainforest Alliance and BCS OKO organic certifications.

In the cup, this Limu is classic in profile. The flavours are nut dominant, which should appeal to any traditional palate, but there's a wonderful underlying complexity with hints of fruit and a sweetness that reminded us of nougat. This coffee should be very enjoyable as an espresso or moka pot, but it will also make a tasty classic filter brew.

Coffee details

  • Farm: Kaffa Forest Estate
  • Owners: Green Coffee Agro Industry
  • Region: Kaffa Highlands, Limu
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Processing: Washed & sundried
  • Variety: Various heirloom varieties
  • Altitude grown: 1,750 - 1,850 masl
  • Certifications: Organic BSC OKO Germany, Rainforest Alliance