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Rosetta Roastery Kenya Kiaga AA Coffee Beans

Rosetta Roastery - Kenya Kiaga AA

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With their latest Kenyan release, Rosetta Roastery have prepared a coffee that is definitely progressive, but with some characteristics that may also make it a bit of a crowd pleaser. All that bold, bright, winey acidity that Kenya, and specifically the Nyeri region, are known for is there. You'll find lots of fruit flavours in your cup that might remind you of blackcurrant, cherry or even berry wine-gums.

However, this particular coffee has some other, perhaps less quintessential, characteristics that offer some delicious balance. The finish is sometimes reminiscent of cocoa and the coffee offers quite a lot of body, particularly in brew methods that let more oils through like a French Press or espresso. Muting those tart notes somewhat, this allows it to please even the less adventurous coffee palate. Nevertheless, for those who like a vibrant, fruity, bold coffee, pour-over or siphon brewing will really bring out that wonderful brightness.

Roaster's notes

Style: Progressive

Leave the pretty women to men without imagination,” he advised, leaning back against the oak cask. You could still smell the vanillin in the air. A sunbeam from the cellar window caught his glass, the light exploding into a deep, rich, cherry-red glow. “Francis, I’m a banker,” I replied. “I have no imagination."

The hard, dense beans of Kenya's Nyeri region are not afraid of a little heat. The result is that we can be fairly aggressive in style, while maintaining a clean, bright, fruity result.

Coffee details

Nyeri is a region at the heart of Kenya’s Black Gold coffeelands. The local climate and volcanic soils contribute to the coffee cherries ripening relatively slowly, resulting in denser, harder seeds; a physical attribute associated with bright clean acidity in the cup profile. Combine these natural factors with a Nyeri tradition of painstaking attention to detail in the processing mills, and it becomes clear why these coffees are amongst the world’s most sought out lots, year after year.

  • Producer(s): Othaya Farmers' Co-operative
  • Region: Othaya Constituency, Nyeri
  • Country: Kenya
  • Altitude: 1895m ASL
  • Processing: Fully washed and slow-dried over 2 - 3 weeks
  • Varietal: SL28, SL34, Ruiru & Batian
  • Harvest: 2014/2015

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