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Bean There Olga's Reserve VIII Ethiopia Guji

Bean There - Olga's Reserve VIII Ethiopia Guji

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We only receive deliveries of these coffee beans once per week, so you may need to wait up to a week for dispatch.

We love working with Bean There because of their focus on African coffees and the way that they source them. Rather than work via brokers, they develop direct relationships with producers and communities on the continent, committing to buy their harvests over periods of many years, thereby making a huge impact on their livelihoods, all while providing us with delicious coffees to drink.

One of the other benefits of this model is incredible consistency. That's probably why we have a number of customers who come back for their Bean There favourites every few weeks without fail. The only downside to this laudable model is that we don't have as many opportunities to talk about new coffees from Bean There, the way we do with some of our other roasters. We're very excited to have just such an opportunity now.

You can read more about Olga's Reserve coffees, what the inspiration was and how they go about selecting them below. For us, Olga's Reserve releases are a special opportunity to celebrate African coffee, and celebrate our friends at Bean There whose work we appreciate so much.

About this edition of Olga's Reserve

This eighth edition of Olga's Reserve offers much to get excited about, particularly for the curious coffee lover who likes to think about the influences on coffee flavour. Here we have two almost identical lots, from the same group of farmers, one processed in the 'washed' method, and the other in the 'dry' (or 'natural') method. It's a wonderful opportunity to taste two coffees that are just plain delicious, but also to compare and contrast, and learn to better appreciate the impact of processing on flavour. Bean There has made this particularly easy by offering the coffees in standard 250g bags as well as a bundle of 100g sample bags.

Phaedon's tasting notes

Even though I work in coffee, it's not every day that I get to enjoy this kind of a tasting experience, comparing two coffees that are virtually identical except for the processing method. I was very excited to open my sample bags, and the didn't let me down. They were both delicious, and, remarkably different.

Let me start by talking about what was similar between them. To my palate, both offered a mix of stone fruit and berry flavours, with the dominant characteristic varying by brew method. They both had bright acidities, plenty of sweetness and a satisfying body.

I would say that the washed lot maybe was a bit more complex. There were some lingering nutty notes, some hints of florality, and some very specific touches of blackberry and nectarine. The natural on the other hand was more 'fruit forward' if you will, with delightful effect. It was juicy, sugary and bursting with 'deeper' sweet flavours like blueberries and peach. Occasionally I would have described it as tangy with a hint of raspberry.

These coffees won't be around for too long and you have every reason to try them. Please join me in supporting African coffee producers, supporting Bean There, and celebrating the wonderful world of coffee.

Bean There's notes

Our philosophy of seeking the best in both coffee and people was embodied by Olga “Polly” Robinson. She introduced her grandchildren, Jonathan and Sarah, to the wonderful world of coffee at an early age.

This inspired them to start Bean There Coffee Company and share the world’s best coffee while making a meaningful impact in the lives of the people who grow it. Through direct fair trade, we help these farmers empower their communities.

In recognition of her unforgettable example, Olga’s Reserve is a carefully selected, rare, micro-lot coffee. It’s best enjoyed slowly, with a piece of chocolate, in peace and quiet, elegantly savouring every sip. Just as she did.

A portion of the proceeds from this exclusive coffee goes directly toward the Odoo Shakisoo community.

  • Flavour:
    • Washed: This coffee exhibits a delicate floral aroma with a gooseberry acidity and a velvety mouthfeel; expect sweet, complex flavours.
    • Natural (Dry): This coffee reveals strong strawberry aromas, a clean grape acidity and rich berry flavour, with a juicy finish.
  • Region: Oromia, Guji
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Producer: Sukee Xoree Farmers’ Association
  • Variety: Kurume & Welicho
  • Altitude grown: 1,800m – 2,200m
  • Process: Washed / Natural (Dry)
  • Lot size: 300kg