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Burundi Long Miles 5kg Variety Box (Unroasted / Green)

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The Long Miles Coffee Project was set up by an American family who have dedicated themselves to improving the livelihoods of Burundian coffee farmers. They have built a washing station to help with coffee processing and have also invested in training the farmers to improve the quality of their crops. Through their efforts, they're helping to uplift the surrounding community and produce some sensational coffees while they're at it.

Over the last few years, we've had the privilege of enjoying many of the Long Miles Coffee Project's lots roasted by several of our local artisan roasters. We're now very excited to share their offerings with aspiring home coffee roasters.

This bundle includes 5kg of green, unroasted beans from Long Miles, each from a different hill (cultivation area), grown by a different set of farmers. This offers an amazing opportunity to roast top quality coffee at home, and experience the differences in flavour that even small geographic variations can produce.

Some of these coffees are fully washed, but the bundle also includes honey-processed and naturally processed beans as well. This means you can also experience first hand the impact of processing on flavour, and roasting behaviour. You'll find some detail on each coffee below. If you roast coffee at home, we'd encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to try them all!

You can also buy 1kg of each of the coffees in the bundle separately - just use the drop down menu to select what you want!

Long Miles coffee details

Mutana Peaberry Musumba Munyinya Hill Gitwe Mikuba Red Honey
Cupping notes (producer) Intense raspbery Raisins & dried prunes Blackberry, raspberry, orange and apricot jam Sweet fruit and strawberry finish Blackberry, intense sweetness, asian pear finish
Farmers 1535 372 735 1898 325

Red Bourbon

Red Bourbon Red Bourbon Red Bourbon Red Bourbon
Processing Method Natural Fully Washed Fully Washed Natural Red Honey
Lot Number 11193 1480 1451 11182 11147
Region Heza Bukeye Beyond borders of Bukeye Heza Kayanza
Elevation 2,023-2,156 masl 1,750-1,932 masl 1,887 masl 1,859-2,086 masl 1,950-2,200 masl