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Cedar Colombia La Rivera coffee 250g bag

Cedar - Colombia La Rivera Tekisic Carbonic Maceration

R 399.00

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In the world of specialty coffee (and, indeed, coffee generally), Colombia is lauded for producing some of the best coffee in the world. We’ve already enjoyed a few exciting Colombian coffees on our shelves this year, including Cedar’s previous release, the Zarza Thermal Shock. Now our friends at Cedar are spoiling us anew with their second Colombian release of the year, which is yet another particularly special coffee due to its unique processing and variety.

This is Cedar’s second lot from Colombian producer Julio Madrid, this time from Finca La Rivera, a small, family-owned coffee farm located near the Los Nevados Natural National Park in Colombia’s Risaralda department. La Rivera is one of three farms that form “Café UBA”, an alliance of coffee farms found in the Risaralda district. At ~1750 masl, La Rivera enjoys a climate perfectly suited to growing coffee which is why the farm is able to cultivate more than 10 different varieties at once.

This coffee is a Tekisic Bourbon, a particularly special variety of Bourbon developed by the El Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research via intensive selective breeding over nearly three decades. This coffee ripens early compared to other Bourbons, in greater volumes, and has a higher flavour potential. If this wasn’t exciting enough, this release from Finca La Rivera has undergone a fairly unique processing method called carbonic maceration.

Carbonic maceration is an experimental processing technique inspired by the wine industry that entails fermenting coffee cherry (which has first been washed in this particular case) in a controlled anaerobic environment, for two to three days. Under these conditions, a number of unique acids are released that result in some really interesting flavours in the cup, like fermented fruit notes and a crisp, wine-like acidity.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to try what’s sure to be another especially delicious Colombian coffee from Cedar.

Phaedon's tasting notes

You can trust our friends at Cedar to bring us the craziest Colombians; they have a history of it, and this one is one of the deliciously craziest. It definitely stands out in a crowd; I can attest to that because I first tasted it at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Joburg, surrounded by some of the country's very best and very craziest Colombian lots.

In the cup, you'll find gloriously fruity flavours of the tropical and stone variety, peach and pineapple, to be specific, perhaps even a hint of grapefruit. With bright acidity and smooth body, you'd be forgiven for thinking you're drinking freshly extracted fruit juice rather than coffee. It's pretty refreshing, and pretty wild. It's also pretty great in both percolation and immersion brews, though I'd err towards filtered methods.

Cedar’s notes

“We picked up all kinds of wild notes; peach, raspberry, candied pineapple. This was due to the unique harmony of the Cultivar and process, nothing out of place. On milk this all filters out and we picked up a dominant note of gingerbread biscuits.“

  • Cup profile: Peach, raspberry, candied pineapple, gingerbread

Coffee details from Cedar

“This year has been a stand out year for Colombian coffees on the world stage and for good reason. You can't pinpoint a flavour profile of a Colombian coffee, they tend to evolve and differentiate through many factors.

“Last year we brought you Finca Milan from Julio Madrid; a classic Colombian with notes of Apples and caramels topped with a vibrant acidity.

“This year we are sticking with Julio but going the polar opposite of Finca Milan. Our next destination being La Rivera where he has grown a unique Cultivar that has undergone a Carbonic Maceration process.

“Tekisic Bourbon is the Cultivar we are highlighting; grown and developed by the research institute of El Salvador. These guys have been working on producing this Cultivar for over 30 years, by selecting the best Bourbon plants and combining them to create this new ‘super Bourbon’.”

  • Farm/Producer: Julio Madrid, Finca La Rivera
  • Region: La Estrella, Risaralda
  • Country: Colombia
  • Process: Washed carbonic maceration
  • Altitude: 1700 masl
  • Variety: Tekisic Bourbon