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Origin Ethiopia Kochere Banco Gotete Washed Coffee Beans

Origin Coffee Roasting - Ethiopia Kochere Banco Gotete Washed

R 180.00

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One of the most memorable Ethiopian coffees that we've enjoyed in the last couple of years was the Kochere Banco Gotete Natural lot that our friends at Origin Coffee Roasting released at the Cape Town Coffee Festival. It was a flavour experience of note, and many African coffee lovers kept coming back for more for as long as they could. We're very excited to see the arrival of another Banco Gotete lot, this time in a more traditional fully washed process.

Yirgacheffe coffees are known for the their delicate qualities, floral and tea-like aromas, and subtle hints of fruit. This one definitely delivers in all these departments in a delightfully quintessential Yirgacheffe fashion. It was grown by a collection of small-hold farmers near the town of Banco Gotete and is comprised of heirloom varieties. It was milled and exported by Legu Trading, a company that focuses on coffee quality as well as community upliftment in the area. While the coffee is not certified, the growing practices are effectively 100% organic, since these traditional farmers do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.

Phaedon's tasting notes

What initially had me excited with the arrival of this coffee was my memories of its naturally-processed predecessor, but I must admit that what kept me engaged was actually something different. There has been a lot of focus on natural and experimental processing methods in the world of specialty coffee of late. This coffee is a great reminder of just how delicious a good "old fashioned" washed coffee can be, especially a Yirgacheffe.

This coffee really reminded me about everything that I love about washed Yirgacheffes. It's subtle, refined, elegant and yet sweet and full of flavour. It offers some hints of tea in its aroma, and there is a a cocktail of fruit flavours to enjoy, depending on your brew method. I found some lemon and stone fruit in most cups, but there were occasional glimpses of tropical fruits too. I loved it in a plunger and a pour-over, as well as a siphon.

Roaster's notes

  • Flavour: Exotic spices, mocha, earthy, cherry, papaya, fruit tart, lemon-thyme
  • Body: Medium, Juicy
  • Roast: Light-Medium
  • Acidity: Soft, baked lemon
  • At its best: AeroPress, Milk-based espresso, Plunger, Cold brew

Coffee details

  • Farm: Various smallholders
  • Processing by: Legu Trading PLC
  • Town: Banco Gotete
  • Region: Gedeo County, Kochere, Yirgacheffe
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 2,000 to 2,100 masl
  • Varieties: Heirloom
  • Processing: Fully washed and dried on African beds