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Cafec Light Roast Paper Filter

Cafec Light Roast Paper Pour-Over Coffee Filters

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A paper coffee filter is a paper coffee filter, right? Well, maybe it's not that simple. That certainly seems to be what Cafec, the new Japanese manufacturer of pour-over brewing equipment, is proving. While Cafec makes a beautiful and functional pour-over coffee dripper, it also manufactures a particularly interesting range of coffee filters.

Cafec's founder, Shigeji Nakatsuka actually started by focusing on the filter paper. After all, it plays a pretty significant role in the quality of your cup. Nakatsuka's insight was that different types of coffees, and particularly coffees roasted to different degrees, benefited from different types of filters.

Having realised this, Nakatsuka set out to create a pour-over coffee filter ideally suited to each roast degree, and we are excited to be able to offer you the filters that he has specifically designed for lighter roasted coffees, the type of coffees that most pour-over enthusiasts enjoy.

Using a proprietary manufacturing process that you can read about on Cafec's website, Cafec's filters attract fines, keeping them out of the bottom of the cone and keeping your cup of coffee clearer. The special design also aims to keep more air between the paper and the dripper, allowing for better extractions through insulation and the avoidance of bypass.

Cafec's Light Roast Paper Filters are an intriguing option to play with. There's no question that they behave very differently from other cone-shaped filters available. Expect slower draw-down times, but impressively bright and clear flavours, as well as lots of sweetness. You should also be prepared to use coarser grinds and more centre-weighted pours, but once you've tweaked your technique, these may be your new favourite pour-over filters.

Cafec Light Roast Paper Filters features

  • High-quality filter paper: patented design and technology by Cafec for a superior brewing experience
  • Air dried filters: High-quality smooth texture for improved water flow rate

Cafec Light Roast Paper specifications

  • Thickness: 0.15mm
  • Density: High
  • Crepe: One-sided, designed to attract internal fines
  • Compatible with: many cone-shaped brewers including Cafec, Hario & Timemore
  • Made of 100% natural wood pulp