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Rhinowares Hand Coffee Grinder With Accessories

Rhino® Tall Hand Coffee Grinder

R 1,409.00

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In the already quite crowded space of manual coffee grinders, with lots of high quality models to choose from, it may be surprising to find a new offering that really stands out. However, this new Hand Grinder from Rhino® Coffee Gear does just that in our eyes, which is why we've decided to add it to our selection.

It has many of the characteristics we think are important in a manual grinder including conical ceramic burrs and an adjustable grind setting. It also includes some premium features like a stainless steel chassis and easily detachable handle, much like the very popular Porlex range, but this grinder trades some of the portability and compactness of the Porlex for a more robust and easier to use design.

To start with, the Rhino® Hand Grinder is bigger than its Porlex counterpart (it won't fit inside an Aeropress), largely due to inner plastic parts that make it a bit hardier. It also has a larger handle and grip to make grinding easier. The handle also features a plastic cap-fitting which makes it less likely to slip off while grinding. Provided that you don't have an issue with its slightly bulkier dimensions, this could be the best manual grinder for you.

Rhino® Tall Hand Coffee Grinder features

  • Highly consistent grind
  • Smooth grinding motion
  • Easily adjustable grind setting (click-wheel)
  • Comes with convenient carrier bag
  • Detachable handle with plastic cap fitting
  • Static-resistant stainless steel body

Rhino® Tall Hand Coffee Grinder specifications

  • Ceramic conical grinding burrs
  • Stainless steel & plastic construction
  • Capacity up to 42g of coffee beans
  • Height: ~17cm
  • Handle-length: ~15cm
  • Body diameter: ~5cm
  • Weight: ~0.5kg