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Pesado Portafilter With La Marzocco M12 Rubber Handle

Pesado Portafilter With La Marzocco M12 Handle

R 2,599.00

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You could think of this portafilter as a unique, custom item, that finishing touch to your espresso setup that you will appreciate every time you have a look at it, or pull a shot.

The portafilter head is made by Pesado, a manufacturer of high-quality espresso accessories. It is 100% stainless steel to ensure it is durable and resilient. It has a beautiful, open double spout with a precise splitting curve which is easily removed for cleaning.

The portafilter head has been combined with a La Marzocco M12 rubber handle, instantly recognisable with its aesthetic curves, and extremely pleasant to use because of its ergonomic shape and material. The handle is also easy to detach from the portafilter head thanks to a screw fitting.

While this item has been assembled with La Marzocco machines in mind, it is in fact compatible with most E61 machines as well, including most Rocket Espresso machines. Anyone who wants a high-quality product with a striking look will appreciate this double portafilter.

Pesado portafilter features & specifications

  • Compatible with La Marzocco and E61 espresso machines
  • Portafilter head made of stainless steel
  • Comes with easily detachable stainless steel double spout
  • Portafilter diameter: 58mm
  • La Marzocco M12 rubber handle included

Please note that this portafilter does not come with a filter basket