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Wormhole Ring

Wormhole Ring Magnetic Portafilter Collar

R 749.00

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Espresso can be a messy affair behind the machine. Sure, from the customer or drinker's perspective, everything is neat, tidy and beautifully presented, but when you're making the stuff, it can get a little more challenging. Coffee grounds really do have a tendency to go everywhere, particularly when finely ground, even more so when propelled out of an espresso grinder chute at high speed. Thankfully, the Wormhole Ring Magentic Portafilter Collar solves that problem! 

This cleverly designed little contraption magnetically clips to your portafilter, making the 'basket' that's receiving the coffee a bit deeper, and also bring the sides closer to the espresso grinder chute. That means more espresso in your portafilter - all of it in fact - and less on your counter. You can then tamp with the Wormhole Ring in place, and easily remove it for brewing.

The Wormhole Ring is designed for any 58mm portafilter, but it also comes with a rubber ring attachment which makes it usable for smaller portafilters between 53 & 55mm in diameter (though the magnet doesn't attach as well when used with this fitting). Nobody needs to make a mess on the counter anymore!

You can check out the Wormhole Ring in action while enjoying some cheesy music in the videos below...

Wormhole Ring features & specifications

  • Includes magnets to clip to portafilter
  • Designed for 58mm portafilters
  • Fits almost any steel portafilter thanks to rubber adjustment ring (though magnet does not attach as strongly when used this way)
  • Makes espresso dosing cleaner and tidier
  • Made of plastic