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Brewista Smart Scale II

Brewista Smart Scale II

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The Brewista Smart Scale™ has quickly become the favourite coffee scale among baristas in South Africa. It's compact, water-resistant and highly versatile - at home in an espresso drip tray as much as below a pour-over coffee maker. It offers all the operating modes you could hope for and strips away any unnecessary bells & whistles.

Given all of this, you would think it would be hard for Brewista to improve on its first scale, that has taken the coffee world by storm, but for the frequent and avid user, they've now released the Brewista Smart Scale II with a handful of clever new features that may be even more appealing.

The main difference between the Smart Scale II and the original Smart Scale is the use of a rechargeable lithium ion battery. This will last longer than AAs and can be recharged using a standard micro-USB cable. Since this battery also doesn't need to be removed, this has allowed Brewista to completely seal off the electronics in this version, making it even more water-resistant!

With the addition of a silicone heat pad in the box, the Brewista Smart Scale II may be the ultimate accessory for both professional and passionate amateur baristas!

Brewista Smart Scale II features & specifications

  • Water-resistant nano-coating
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Automatic tare & timing functions
  • 0.1g accuracy
  • Automatic off function
  • 2,000g capacity
  • Includes protective cover which doubles as a weighing tray
  • Comes with silicone heat pad
  • Dimensions: ~13cm x ~11cm x ~2cm

Please note the Brewista Smart Scale II does not come with a charging cable but any micro-USB cable or charger will do!

Brewista Scale operating modes

Thew new Brewista scale features exactly the same six operating modes as the original, ensuring it saves you maximum time in any brewing scenario.

  • Auto1 (espresso): Place cup on scale and time/weight go to zero and timer starts counting up. 
  • Auto2 (espresso): Place cup on scale and time/weight go to zero, start espresso machine and press orange timer button and scale timer starts. Remove cup and time and weight go back to zero.
  • Auto3 (espresso): Place cup on scale, will auto tare. This is for espresso machines with built-in timers.
  • Auto4 (espresso): Place cup on scale, will auto tare. When espresso hits the cup the timer starts automatically, weight is displayed.
  • Hand1 (pour-over): Add brewing vessel to scale and weight goes to zero. Add coffee grounds after 3 seconds weight goes to zero. Start adding water and weight and timer start. Remove brew vessel and both weight and time go back to zero.
  • Hand2 (pour-over): This is a manual mode. User tares and starts timer.