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Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses

Fellow Stagg Double Wall Coffee Tasting Glasses (Set of 2)

R 765.00

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In the world of wine, specially designed glassware has long been believed to help optimise the tasting experience. With the Stagg Double Wall Tasting Glasses, Fellow is trying to bring something similar to the world of coffee.

These glasses are designed to work perfectly with the Stagg Pour-Over System, but can easily be used with any sort of manual or filter brew method. They feature double walls for heat retention with a single-wall flared lip, which is meant to direct the coffee to the front of your tongue for maximum flavour. They are made of hand blown borosilicate glass, ensuring that they should last a long time if well cared for.

Fellow Stagg Double Wall Coffee Tasting Glasses features & specifications

  • Made of hand blown borosilicate hardened glass
  • ~300ml maximum capacity
  • Come in sets of 2 glasses
  • Double wall body for insulation
  • Single wall flared lip for maximum flavour experience