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Hario Mini Slim Pro Black

Hario Mini-Slim Pro Manual Coffee Grinder

R 1,399.00

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The Hario Mini-Slim Pro Manual Coffee Grinder is the third incarnation of the original Hario Mini-Slim Coffee Grinder. It has taken many of the improvements that the 2nd, Mini-Slim Plus edition incorporated and added plenty more, giving the Mini-Slim family a grinder with a premium feel.

The biggest upgrade that the Mini-Slim Pro has received is in the materials it is made from. Its body is made entirely of stainless steel rather than plastic, keeping all the advantages over glass, but adding additional resilience and solidity. The handle is also die-cast aluminium, making it particularly sturdy. This is a Mini-Slim that can handle being thrown into a bag and taken wherever you happen to be going.

Like its predecessors the Hario Mini-Slim Pro Grinder houses ceramic burrs and can be adjusted easily using a click wheel to various grind settings. It performs well across a broad spectrum of settings, but it does its best work at those medium settings that you might use for a pour-over, moka pot or AeroPress. For someone looking for a grinder that is sturdy, affordable and portable, the Mini-Slim Pro is a great choice.

Hario Mini-Slim Mill Pro features

  • Light-weight & portable
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Ceramic conical grinding burr
  • Grinding lid that holds beans in place while grinding
  • Easily adjustable grind setting with stepped wheel
  • Can fit up to 24g of coffee in the hopper at a time (more with some coffees)
  • Reinforced hexagonal handy lock adaptor

Hario Mini-Slim Mill Pro specifications

  • Dimensions: W150 × D74 × H210mm
  • Weight: ~300g
  • Materials:
    • Washer, shaft cover, Inner burr holder, grind adjustment knob: nylon
    • Inner hopper: polypropylene
    • Handle: aluminium die-cast, polypropylene
    • Spring, shaft, grind adjustment nut, outer hopper, bottle: stainless steel
    • Burr: ceramic
    • Lid grip: silicone rubber
    • Lid: methacrylate resin