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Mazzer Robur Espresso Grinder

Mazzer Robur Electronic OD Commercial Espresso Grinder

R 51,750.00

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Mazzer's espresso grinders are considered the gold standard by many in the coffee industry. In fact, their grinders are specifically recommended by top espresso machine brands like La Marzocco and Rocket. They have a broad range of options to offer for all types of requirements.

About the Mazzer Robur

The Robur has long been the flagship in Mazzer's fleet of high end commercial grinders. Like all of its grinders, it is incredibly precise and consistent, in both dosing and grind quality, but this one is also lightning fast, making it a perfect choice for serious, high-volume speciality coffee operations.

With 71mm conical stainless steel burrs, the Robur can dose a single espresso shot as quickly as 1.2 seconds. This is a particularly impressive feat, given that the burrs operate at just 420-500 rpm, which minimises heat generation, ensuring that grinding consistency and quality extraction.

The Mazzer Robur is an 'on demand' commercial grinder with an electronic timer. You can programme in time-based doses at the push of a button. This functionality is very useful in a cafe context where it limits waste (of both time and coffee). With stepless micrometric grinding adjustment, baristas can perfectly dial in their shots, and the internal fan prevents the motor from overheating while also guaranteeing consistent and uniform coffee grinds every time.

Mazzer Robur - features and specifications

  • Stepless micrometric grinding adjustment
  • On-demand grinding
  • Single and double programmable doses
  • Digital display with interface and press-button operation
  • Shot counter
  • Built in ventilation
  • Power: 900 Watt
  • Grinding blades: Conical Ø 71 mm - 2¾ inches 
  • Grinding blade speed: 420 r.p.m. (50 Hz), 500 r.p.m. (60 Hz)
  • Single shot (5/6g) in 1.2 seconds
  • Coffee-bean container (hopper) capacity: 1.8 kg
  • Net weight: 28 kg
  • Dimensions: 65cm H x 26.3cm D x 24cm W