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Fellow Stagg Pour Over Dripper

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

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Pour-overs are unarguably one of the most favoured brew methods in speciality coffee. In the last decade, pour-over coffee drippers have appeared on the counters of most speciality coffee establishments, as well as in the kitchens of dedicated coffee lovers.

Despite the pour-over's ubiquity, it's not a brew method that has seen a lot of innovation or variation in the design. Building on a recently established reputation for re-inventing some of the best brewing tools, Fellow has decided to take a crack at changing that.

At first glance, the Fellow Stagg Dripper doesn't look like most pour-over coffee makers. Instead of the typical slanted sides, it has a completely vertical shape and a flat base. This means that the water drains through a flat bed very evenly, and encourages a single pour method, particularly with the larger XF model.

The Stagg Pour-Over Coffee Dripper is made of double-walled steel to offer maximum heat retention during the brewing process (as long as you adequately pre-heat the dripper). It also comes with a very handy steel funnel, making it easy to get all your grounds where you want them (rather than all over the counter) as well as a cap that can serve as a measuring tool for your coffee if you're not using a scale.

In reality, Fellow's Stagg Drippers are almost a different brew method from longer established pour-over drippers. Nevertheless, they deliver delicious coffee. When trying one out, we were pretty impressed with the results, particularly once we let go of our established notions of how a pour-over should work.

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Coffee Dripper features

  • Vacuum insulated for heat retention
  • Stainless steel body, silicone gasket
  • No clog drainage holes
  • Comes with ratio aid and steel funnel
  • Comes with 15 filters

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Coffee Dripper models

  • X - smaller version for up to ~300ml brews
  • XF - larger version for up to ~600ml brews