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Portland Project African Coffee Beans

Portland Project - Burundi Mikuba Hill

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Burundi is becoming a very popular coffee origin for South African speciality coffee drinkers, and this is in no small part thanks to The Long Miles Coffee Project, a venture set up by the Carlson family to help Burundian farmers produce better quality coffee and get it to market at favourable prices. This new release from The Portland Project is a great example of the delicious results of the project's efforts!

This coffee is wonderfully versatile and should please any palate in any manual brew method or espresso. Red Honey-processed, it has lots of syrupy sweetness, and a fruity flavour that reminded us most of apricots, though occasionally gave us a hint of plum, prune or even raisin. The coffee is no slouch in terms of body, and is very well balanced and integrated, making it a pleasure to drink every day, but with plenty of subtlety in the flavour to appreciate.

Roaster's notes

  • Flavour: Stewed fruits, Apricots, Black tea

    Coffee details

    • Farm: Mikuba Hill (325 growers)
    • Washing Station: Heza
    • Exporter: Long Miles Coffee Project
    • Region: Kayanza
    • Country: Burundi
    • Soil Type: Volcanic, clay
    • Flowering Period: November
    • Harvest Period: May-July
    • Shipping Period: Oct-January
    • Average rainfall: 1559.6mm
    • Average annual temperature: 17.1 C
    • Processing: Red Honey - Pulped, pre-dried for 2 days. 22+ days on raised drying tables under partial shade. 5 dedicated hand sorters and lot care takers.
    • Variety: Red Bourbon
    • Altitude Grown: 1,950 - 2,200 masl