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Hario Mini Mill, V60 Coffee Dripper & Filters

Hario V60 Pour-Over Travel Bundle with Mini Mill Coffee Grinder

R 749.00

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For real coffee lovers, travelling can be challenging. We all know that you can't just pop into any cafe and expect decent coffee these days. More and more coffee lovers are bringing their manual brewing equipment with them when they're on the road, to make sure that they can have a delicious cup wherever they are.

Of course when you're travelling, portability and durability are important considerations and that's why we've put together this Hario Travel Bundle. Similar to our Hario Starter Bundle, this one includes the Mini Mill Coffee Grinder which is made of plastic rather than glass so that it can handle being thrown around in a bag. This grinder is also a bit slimmer which makes squeezing it into a small space less challenging.

We've also included an 02 plastic Coffee Dripper with this bundle. Like the grinder, it will survive a few knocks in transit but it is big enough to brew anywhere from 1-4 cups (or 1-2 larger mugs) of coffee.

Offered at a discounted price including free delivery, this bundle includes:

About the V60 Coffee Dripper

The V60 Coffee Dripper is the pour-over coffee maker of choice for many coffee professionals. This plastic version is highly durable and perfect for brewing coffee on the go!

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About the Hario Mini Mill

The Hario Mini Mill features a high quality ceramic burr which is also spring loaded to ensure a very consistent grind. It's designed to grind small amounts of coffee, perfect for use with the V60 Coffee Dripper. Its outer casing and container are made entirely of plastic, meaning it can survive a knock or two!

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