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Quaffee Coffee Bean Box

Quaffee - Costa Rica San Francisco Honey

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Despite Quaffee's penchant for high quality Latin American coffee, we don't get a lot of Costa Rican coffee beans from our friends in Constantia. This is in fact only the second in almost 5 years of working together!

While Costa Rica has a long and proud history of coffee cultivation, most of its crops go to big commercial buyers who rely on the country's consistent and classic flavour profiles and aren't looking for anything too adventurous or distinct. Nevertheless, there are small producers who are really focused on quality and have coffees to share that have more than just a run of the mill chocolate & nut flavours. This is just such a deliciously atypical example, which is what drew our friends from Quaffee to it.

The coffee was grown by a member of ASOPROAAA – The Association of Agricultural Producers of Acosta and Asserí. ASOPROAAA was established in September 1998, following the destruction in the region by Hurricane Mitch. The association consists of more than 1,100 families producing coffee, citrus and cattle. ASOPROAAA offers financial, commercial and technical assistance to members, and runs programmes to improve the livelihoods of members of the community.

In the cup, this is a wonderfully quirky coffee. It has some subtle fruity notes with a fair bit of brightness, but more of the malic than the citric type. Sometimes this appeared as apple flavours (golden delicious to our palates) and other times it tasted more like tropical fruit. There's still a solid body and undertone of nuts, helping to make the coffee nice and balanced. If you like unusual coffees, we'd highly recommend you try this one in a pour-over or as espresso.

Roaster's notes

  • Taste Profile: Nutmeg and mango with a medium body and hint of cocoa to finish
  • Roast used: What we call a bump and kick with a decrease of flame after first crack to 50%

Coffee details

  • Farm: San Francisco
  • Farmer: Emilio Jimenez Castro
  • Region: Tarrazu (near Leon Cortes)
  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Harvest: 2017
  • Altitude: 1700 – 1750 masl
  • Cultivar: Caturra & Catuai
  • Processing: Honey with dry milling
  • Packaging: Grain Pro with Hessian
  • Other notes: Falcon listed this coffee as a microlot and with a SCA score of 85