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Quaffee Box

Quaffee - Nicaragua Rajuanse Lady Carol Honey

R 145.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans several times per week. Please allow up to 2-3 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

This is the second lot that Quaffee has brought us from Rajuanse Estate this year. We thoroughly enjoyed the last one and are happy to have the opportunity to share another with our community.

This one is a particularly special lot comprised entirely of the Marsellesa variety grown on Buena Esperanza Farm, and is named after Carol from Sevenoaks, the distributor that helped to get this coffee here. The plants that grew this coffee were planted quite recently, in 2015 and in a fashion that breaks away from traditional practices. The engineers on the farm eschewed the typical metrics of density by hectare and plant-spacing to do something innovative, out of their comfort zones you might say. The coffee was named after Carol as an homage to her contributions to progress in the coffee industry.

The coffee is processed using the honey method, which is a hybrid between a washed and a natural process, offering some of the best characteristics of both. Only the pulp is removed and the seed is left to dry in its mucilage. The mucilage becomes sticky during this process, developing a texture reminiscent of honey, hence the name.

Phaedon's tasting notes

Well, this coffee is truly intriguing. It's not at all what I expected, I must admit. It's quite delicate, sweet, yet refined. It also had me searching for flavour note names that my palate and brain just didn't quite want to connect about. I know what was there; there definitely was a honey sweetness, and some subtle lemon (though not in a tart way), maybe even a hint of lime. There was also something else though, a tea-like note perhaps? Perhaps a green tea-like note even? I'm not quite sure, but I know I wanted more of it.

This coffee was stellar in unfiltered immersion and moka pot brews for me, but I also quite enjoyed it on larger batch brews. It didn't quite translate to pour-overs on my attempts for some reason, but I reckon the right manual brewer would coax those lovely favours out that way too.

Quaffee's notes

  • Taste profile: A medium mouth-feel with honey almond nut and a raspberry as tasting notes. Almonds more dominant in espresso, honey becomes more caramel.
  • Roast used: The coffee is soaked to start, then allow a gently decreasing ramp rate during the roast into and through first crack. Development time is 50 seconds.
  • Quaffee brews:
    • Espresso: 1:2.2 (28s)
    • AeroPress: 17g:180g
      Plunger: 48g:800g
    • Pour over/filter: 18.5g:300g

Coffee details

  • Producer: Ramiro Ortiz
  • Farm: Buena Esperanza Farm on Rajuanse Estate
  • Town: Matagalpa
  • Country:Nicaragua
  • Altitude: 1,100 - 1,200 masl
  • Processing: Honey
  • Species/Variety: Arabica - Marsellesa
  • Harvest: 2019
  • Packaging: GrainPro in hessian
  • Certification: Rain Forest Alliance

Quaffee's transparency information

  • Sourced from: Sevenoaks Trading
  • FOB price: Pending, waiting for Sevenoaks to permit us to publish
  • Cupping score: 84
  • Producer/Organisation: Ramiro Ortiz / Rajuanse Estate
  • Lot size: Committed to 75kgs
  • Relationship: Our relationship with Ramiro 3 years old.
  • Other information: We spoke directly with Ramiro, who is happy working with Sevenoaks.