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Cedar Timor Leste Atsabe

Cedar - Timor Leste Atsabe Natural

R 179.00

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Well, this is pretty exciting: a coffee from East Timor! Believe it or not, it's not the first we've sold, but we won't blame you if you don't remember the only other example we've offered, as that was back in 2014, when we were just getting started. Since then, we haven't had a single coffee from this small island nation, and we're pretty excited to have this one.

Coffee is actually one of Timor Leste's primary exports. Coffee was introduced to the island in the 1800s by the Portuguese, and since then it has become an important crop for a fairly large part of the population. Interestingly, East Timor's typical production methods are very "organic" in nature, with plants allowed to grow with minimal intervention other than harvests. This works because of the country's ideal climate and terroir for coffee cultivation. The Hibrido de Timor variety, a cross between Arabica & Robusta, is also very well suited to the country's soils. That variety comprises a large component of this lot.

Phaedon's tasting notes

I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to taste a coffee from East Timor for the first time in many years, and it did not let me down. From the cupping bowl to my manual brews, it had a lot of interesting characteristics to reflect on.

There's definitely a lot of fruit in the cup in any brew you make with this coffee, with plenty of zesty acidity and an almost effervescent mouthfeel. There's also quite an interesting spicy characteristic that lingers on the palate. The natural processing seems to have imparted a rather boozy quality to the flavour as well, which not everyone will like, but I thoroughly enjoy.

The specific flavour notes were a bit more difficult to pin down; strawberry appeared in my notes more than once, but there were also some mentions of stone fruit and citrus. There was even a hint of peach schnapps in one of my cups.

I found this coffee was at its absolute best in immersion brews, including my siphon, my French press and my AeroPress. While I didn't enjoy it as much as a pour-over, I found that the longer extraction time of a large batch brew on my MoccaMaster also worked beautifully.

Cedar's notes

  • Cup Profile: Red plum, cocoa nibs with hints of brown spice

Coffee details

Timor Leste is the eastern half of an island located in Southeast Asia and is one of the youngest countries, having found sovereignty in 2002.

Raw Material Limited has focused its work within Ermera, one of the thirteen municipalities, and also the largest coffee-producing municipality in the country. Their aim is to sustainably raise and maintain the quality of coffee as well as generate better monetary returns for the farmers and producers.

Atsabe washing station was built in 2018, this processing centre uses gravity to move coffee through the stages; no double handling, no unnecessary machinery. The wet mill has served not only as a place to purchase, process, and dry cherries but as a meeting point for the village chiefs and neighbourhood leaders. It has also become a hub for training courses in both cultivation, picking, and processing for local producers.

  • Farm/Producer: Atsabe washing station
  • Region: Ermera
  • Country: Timor Leste
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1700-1800 masl
  • Variety: Hibrido de Timor, Moka, Typica

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