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Legado Guji Danse Mormora Coffee Beans

Legado - Ethiopian Guji Danse Mormora

R 130.00

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Despite being one of the newer regions to bring their focus to specialty coffee, Guji has quickly become known as one of Ethiopia's coffee-growing regions that is synonymous with high quality coffee. 

The Danse Mormora farm is located near the town of Haro Lebetu in the Oramia region in Guji, Ethiopia. Sitting at 2,200-2,250 masl, Danse Mormora has the altitude to produce some spectacular coffees. Although this 200 hectare farm has opted to plant the Bourbon varietal, in keeping with traditional farming practices, the coffee is planted in nearby forests, where it is tended to and harvested by hand. 

We always get excited about when a new season of Ethiopian coffee comes in, particularly when it comes to naturals, and with Legado's history of sourcing and roasting exceptional natural coffees, their Ethiopian Guji Danse Mormora is definitely worth getting excited about.

Phaedon’s tasting notes

This coffee is a wonderful example of what the Guji region of Ethiopia can produce at its best. It has many of the prized characteristics of a Yirgacheffe, including tea-like, floral notes and lots of complexity, but it also has a tonne of body and sweetness which may make it more enjoyable to those who don't like the delicate nature of your quintessential Yirgacheffe.

I truly found something different to enjoy in every cup I brewed of this coffee. Sometimes it was like Earl Grey tea. Sometimes it reminded me of tangy tropical fruits and melon. In some cups, I detected a bit of grapefruit. I think this is a truly complex coffee worth experimenting with, with a surprising amount of clarity for a natural process.

    Coffee details

    • Legado's notes: Buttery, Caramel, Dried fruits, Rich Body
    • Country: Ethiopia
    • Region: Guji
    • Farm: Danse Mormora
    • Varieties: Bourbon
    • Altitude: 2200-2250 masl
    • Harvest: 2019/2020
    • Processing: Natural