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Origin El Salvador Loma La Gloria

Origin Coffee Roasting - El Salvador Loma La Gloria Natural

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Something seems to be up in El Salvador. Or, maybe something seems to be up in South Africa. Whichever it is, we seem to have quite a few delicious El Salvadorian coffees to enjoy this year. They've been scarce in years past, and we're enjoying the opportunity to try special lots from this Central American coffee-producing country.

While El Salvador isn't a large scale coffee-producing country, even in comparison to its Central American neighbours, it is a country with a reputation for producing great specialty coffees. It has ideal growing conditions and a long history of coffee cultivation.

Many coffee professionals also associate coffee from El Salvador with some particular varieties that originated in the country, including Pacas and Pacamara, a cross between Pacas and Maragogype, of which this particular coffee is comprised.

Pacamara beans are recognisable because of their large size, but it's the quality in the cup that most people prize. They are known to create fruity and floral brews, quite different from other Central American varieties.

This particular coffee was grown by a father-daughter team, focused on cultivating top quality speciality coffee. They have also processed this lot using the natural method, where the coffee is dried in its fruit, giving you an opportunity to taste the sweeter side of their crops.

Phaedon's tasting notes

I thoroughly enjoyed sampling this coffee, particularly in my French press, my siphon, and as a pour-over, not to mention as batch brew. While fairly understated, it offered some wonderful tropical fruit flavours to enjoy in all of my experiments. It has quite a bit of texture and has a tendency to linger on the palate. Sometimes I also caught hints of grapefruit or even orange which just added to the experience.

Origin's notes

Finca Loma La Gloria was initially founded by Roberto Pimentel in the late 1990s, naming it after his grandfather’s estate, translating to mean “Hill of Glory.” Originally a civil engineer, Roberto was able to successfully construct a mill for the coffee farm in 2001. Unfortunately, it was abandoned, forcing the cherries to be sold to local mills, reducing the farm’s income.

Thankfully, in 2012, Roberto’s daughter Anny Ruth Pimentel left her day job and took over the mill and the farm operations, reigniting the machine of Finca Loma La Gloria. Realizing her love for coffee production and milling, she created a team that was able to generate a perfected system from cultivation to hulling. The careful harvesting and processing methods have allowed this farm to gain prominence worldwide with its refined processing methods, high altitudes, and excellent quality.

  • Flavour: Sweet, Kumquat, green pear, perfumed, chocolate malt, long finish
  • Body: Round, smooth and quite big in espresso
  • Roast: Light-medium
  • Acidity: Soft, tangerine
  • Brewing method: Versatile (but less recommended for siphon)

Coffee details

This lot is comprised of Pacamara, which are selectively hand-picked and sorted prior to being delivered to the mill. The coffee is carefully spread on raised beds and left to dry in the open sun for three weeks. Once the ideal moisture content is attained, the coffee is hulled and rested prior to export.

Not only is Finca Loma La Gloria home to a unique father-daughter mill operation, but thanks to the high altitudes, rich soils, and biodiverse canopies, there are a plethora of bird species fluttering throughout the coffee including blue jays, Chiltotas, Torditos, Guacalchias, and various Hummingbirds. The coffee is surrounded by native shade, providing the ideal microclimate for coffee production whilst also preserving the surrounding ecosystems.

  • Farm: Finca Loma La Gloria 
  • Owner: Anny Ruth Pimentel
  • Country: El Salvador
  • Region: El Bálsamo Quetzaltepec
  • Altitude: 1,200-1,700 masl
  • Variety: Pacamara
  • Processing: Natural