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Quaffee Rajuanse Pacamara Natural Reserve

Quaffee - Nicaragua Rajuanse Pacamara Natural Family Reserve

R 170.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans several times per week. Please allow up to 2-3 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

This is actually the third lot that Quaffee has released from Rajuanse Estate in the last few months. They are not alone either; quite a few of our partners are buying lots from this group of farms, including Buena Esperanza where this specific lot was grown.

Ramiro Guardian and his team are committed to both quality and sustainability. They recently set up a dedicated Specialty Coffee Team which focuses on producing high scoring lots such as this one, which scored an impressive 87.5. Rajuanse Estate and Buena Esperanza farm specifically have also won accolades at the Nicaraguan Cup of Excellent competition in recent years.

The Estate is certified by Rainforest Alliance because of its sustainable practices, and it has made a commitment to reforestation, filling unused plots of land around the farms with local trees from a reforestation nursery.

This particular lot is a special one that undergoes quite a laborious process to yield delicious results. It is hand-sorted to remove smaller beans and then dried in specially designed racks in a restricted access area over a ~28 day period, during which beans with uneven characteristics are purged. This approach makes it an expensive process but one that creates a lot worthy of the Family Reserve name.

This lot is also comprised exclusively of the highly prized Pacamara variety, a cross between Pacas and Maragogype, which originated in El Salvador but is now grown all over Latin America. Pacamara coffees are known for their floral and fruity characteristics

Phaedon's tasting notes

What a marvellous coffee. It's a great reminder of what all this Pacamara fuss is about. It's not all about the ridiculously large beans; let me tell you. This definitely is one of the more unique coffees I've sampled so far this year.

Before I start getting onto flavour notes, I have to remark on the mouthfeel of this coffee. There is so much "texture" and it's also quite effervescent. Those qualities alone make it quite interesting. Then there is definitely the fruit to enjoy. I found raspberries in quite a few cups, as well as citrus flavours like blood orange and grapefruit. It's quite sweet, and quite bright, but not overpowering in either department. It's just a really great coffee that's easy to enjoy in any brew method.

Quaffee's notes

  • Taste profile:  A medium mouthfeel with fruit and spice with a sweet finish.
  • Roast used: Short soak of coffee to start, then allow a gently decreasing ramp rate during the roast into and through first crack. Development time is 45 seconds.
  • Quaffee brews:
    • Espresso: 1:2.2
    • AeroPress: 18g:200g
      Plunger: 24g:400g
    • Pour-over/filter: 18.5g:300g

Coffee details

  • Producer: Ramiro Gurdian
  • Farm: Buena Esperanza Farm on Rajuanse Estate.
  • Town: Matagalpa
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Altitude: 1,100 - 1,200 masl
  • Processing: Natural
  • Species/Variety: Arabica - Pacamara
  • Harvest: 2021
  • Packaging: GrainPro in hessian
  • Certification: Rainforest Alliance

Transparency information

  • Sourced from: Sevenoaks Trading
  • FOB price: Pending, waiting for Sevenoaks to permit us to publish
  • Cupping score: 87.5
  • Producer/Organisation: Gurdian Ortiz / Rajuanse Estate
  • Lot size: 1x25kg bag + 1x69kg bag
  • Relationship: Our relationship with Ramiro is now 3 years old.
  • Other Information: We spoke directly with Ramiro, who is happy working with Sevenoaks.