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Rosetta Roastery - Ethiopia Yabitu

Rosetta Roastery - Ethiopia Yabitu

R 175.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans twice per week. Please allow up to 3-4 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

For as long as we've worked with them, Rosetta Roastery have always had stunning coffees to offer from Ethiopia. There have been so many memorable examples over the years and they have all been delicious. Things have changed a little though. Back in the day when we were just getting started, it was all about the Yirgacheffes, but thanks to the recent liberalisation of the Ethiopian coffee market, coffees from the Guji region are starting to steal a little bit of Yirgacheffe's limelight.

Guji offers the perfect combination of climate, elevation and rich soils, allowing it to produce coffees just as spectacular as those that come from the more celebrated Yirgacheffe. They also have many similar characteristics: delicate bodies, floral and tea-like notes, stone & citrus fruit flavours. Still, they are also subtly different.

This particularly Guji coffee comes from the Uraga Yabitu washing station, which adds meticulous processing and sorting practices to the crops of this already propitious terroir. We haven't tasted coffees from this particular group of farmers before, but they have already garnered the attention of world-class roasters around the world, not to mention our very selective partners at Rosetta.

Phaedon's tasting notes

I tasted this coffee for the first time while cupping a number of delicious coffees, but it didn't fail to make a great impression despite its attractive entourage. I took note of peachy, malty and even candy-like qualities on the dry smell, and they followed all the way through to the last taste. There's also something floral and tea-like, but more of the herbal than Earl Grey variety. I thought it reminded me a little of rosehip tea.

In terms of brew methods, this Ethiopian coffee seemed to favour most of the usual suspects. It showed many of the best characteristics from the cupping bowl (and others) in my AeroPress, French press and V60, as well as my siphon.

Rosetta's notes

Style: Progressive
Flavour profile: Light, vibrant florals, citrus, apricot

Ethiopian beans tend to be dense and small in size, having grown at high elevations. The trick is retaining their distinctive origin notes while giving them enough heat to penetrate without scorching the beans or driving away their more subtle attributes.

We come in at a relatively low rate of rise (temperature increase) during first crack to preserve the pronounced florals. This lot, being inherently fuller than some more tea-like Ethiopians, does not need a long development to achieve its silky body.

Coffee details

This fresh, Ethiopian lot is once again showcasing the distinctive flavour profile of the sub-region of Uraga - known to produce coffees with heavy, resonant florals, fruit, and sweet spice. This is in part due to the terroir where the coffee trees are grown in fertile red clay soil as well as the Uraga Yabitu Washing Station’s meticulous processing where cherry selection and sorting are the primary focus.

  • Producers: Uraga Yabitu Washing Station
  • Region: Yabitu, Uraga, Guji, Gedeo Zone
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Altitude: 2100masl
  • Processing: Washed
  • Harvest: 2020/2021