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Aeropress, Rhinowares Compact Grinder & Rhinowares Travel Case

Aeropress w/ Rhinowares Compact Grinder & Travel Case

R 1,899.00

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When it comes to brewing coffee when you're on the move, it's hard to beat the Aeropress Coffee Maker for portability, versatility and durability. It's always our travel coffee maker of choice. But if you want to make a great brew, you also need a fresh grind. There are many portable hand grinders out there, but Rhinowares has released what may be the best Aeropress companion grinder yet.

Small, ergonomic, durable and highly consistent, the Rhinowares Compact Coffee Grinder isn't just an excellent all-round portable brewing tool, it also comes with a specially designed Aeropress adaptor, allowing you to neatly grind straight into your brewing chamber! To help our customers enjoy this match made in heaven, we've put together this special Travel bundle, allowing you to buy the Aeropress & Rhinowares Compact together at a discounted price.

Included in Bundle - Rhinowares Travel Case

You will also get a Rhinowares Travel Case with your bundle! This simple neoprene bag with a heavy duty zipper provides the ideal way to transport your whole brewing setup.

Included in the bundle