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Baratza Portafilter Holder

Baratza Portafilter Holder

R 569

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Generally speaking, we recommend that our customers purchase a dedicated espresso grinder that has the ability to 'dial in' within the espresso range. This can be quite an investment however, so if you're not ready to make that purchase, this Baratza fitting for its entry level grinders can offer a good compromise.

It's designed to fit the Baratza Encore grinder which we sell. While the Encore shines in manual brewing applications, it can grind in the espresso range. This little fitting replaces the grounds container and allows you to hook in most portafilters under the coffee chute. For consumer espresso machines, this may be a particularly handy accessory.

Portafilter holder features

  • Made of plastic & steel
  • Fits Baratza Encore in grounds container space
  • Adjustable height to suit a variety of portafilters