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Brew Tool Stainless Steel Metal Filter Cone

Brew Tool Metal Cone Pour-Over Filter

R 159.00

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The Brew Tool metal filter cone will allow you to brew delicious pour-over style coffee without the waste of bleached paper filters. This metal filter cone gives you the same control and similar extractions to what you can achieve with most pour-over coffee makers, however, metal filters don't filter out the oils from a brew and so this filter cone will deliver a more textured, richer and often sweeter cup than its paper counterpart.

This filter cone is a perfect fit for the Hario V60 02 Cup. It uses two filters to filter out the ground coffee: an ultrafine mesh on the inside of the cone and a fine sieve-like filter. This double filtering delivers an incredibly clean and sweet cup with very little sediment. We were particularly impressed by how effectively this filter works and how it manages to achieve almost no sediment in the final cup!*

Buy this metal filter cone from Brew Tool if you want an eco-friendly and reuseable filtering solution for your pour-over that can deliver delicious tasting brews!

Brew Tool Metal Filter Cone features and specifications

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Ultrafine mesh filter
  • Double filtered delivers a very clean cup
  • Works with Hario V60 02 Cup
  • Easy to clean
  • Dimensions of opening
    • Inner diameter:  9.5cm
    • Outer diameter:  11.5cm

* please understand while this filter will let through a remarkably small amount of sediment, that doesn't mean none at all. If you want a cup completely devoid of sediment, you'll still need to use paper!