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Brewista Smart Pour™ Electric Switch Kettle

Brewista Smart Pour Electric Switch Kettle

R 1,659.00

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For any kind of manual brewing, and particularly pour-overs, there are two important things you need from your kettle. The first is a spout and structure that will allow you to execute a controlled pour, getting the water exactly where it's needed at the right velocity. The second is an appropriate water temperature for coffee brewing, usually somewhere in that 90-95ºC range. Brewista's Smart Pour™ Electric Switch Kettle delivers on both of those requirements perfectly, making it an excellent tool for any home barista.

Ergonomically designed with an easy-grip handle and great overall balance, the Smart Pour™ Electric Switch Kettle also boasts one of the best pouring spouts we've tested. It features a large kettle body, which allows you to fill it to the suggested 1.2L mark for optimal temperature stability and balance. It's also an electric kettle with an easy lift off base. It will heat up water relatively quickly and has an auto-off function in case it's left on accidentally.

What makes the Smart Pour particularly good value for money is the built in analogue temperature gauge (Celsius & Fahrenheit) on the top which helps you ensure you're pouring water at just the right temperature. This feature means that Brewista's goose neck kettle really offers everything you might need for pour-over, or any kind of manual brewing.

Brewista Smart Pour™ Electric Switch Kettle features & specifications

  • 1.2L effective capacity (actual capacity larger)
  • Made of food grade steel with phenolic resin handle and polypropylene lid
  • BPA-free
  • Built in analogue temperature gauge (ºC & ºF)
  • Gooseneck spout for accurate pouring
  • Ergonomically balanced easy-grip handle
  • Auto-off function
  • Lift off base
  • Illuminated switch