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Chemex Starter Bundle With Square Filters & Gater Grinder

Chemex Pour-Over Starter Bundle with Gater Coffee Grinder

R 1,499

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The Chemex Coffee Maker is the timeless classic of manual coffee brewing. It has been around, un-changed, since the 1940s and yet it is still the pour-over coffee maker of choice for many coffee professionals. With its elegant all-in-one design and tried & tested coffee brewing capabilities, it's a great place to get started on your home coffee brewing adventure.

Beyond the Chemex itself, the paper filters and a kettle to heat up your water, the main thing you need to get good results from your Chemex is freshly ground coffee beans. You can find plenty of delicious coffees from SA's artisanal roasters right here on the site and to make sure you're enjoying them at their best, we've added our most popular & affordable grinder to this bundle.

With the Gater Coffee Grinder and the Chemex Coffee Maker, you really have everything you need to brew delicious coffee for yourself or for a small group of people.

The bundle includes:

About the Chemex Coffee Maker

The Chemex Coffee Maker is the grand daddy of pour-over brewers. It was invented in the US in the 1940s and the classic design with the wood collar is still found throughout the world of coffee. Its design has been recognised by many organisations including the Musem of Modern Art in New York and it was James Bond's brewer of choice in Ian Fleming's original novels!

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About the Gater Coffee Grinder

The Gater Coffee Grinder is our most popular manual grinder. It houses a ceramic burr which allows for a very consistent grind but because it's manual, it's still quite affordable. Recommended by coffee professionals and many of our customers, it's a great way to start enjoying freshly ground coffee without having to spend the money required for an electric grinder of comparable quality.

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