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Cape Coffee Beans Craft Bag

El Salvador Los Pirineos Bourbon Washed (Unroasted / Green)

R 99.00

We generally have fresh bags of this coffee in stock, allowing us to dispatch within 1-2 working days of order. Please note you might need to wait a little longer if we run out.

Please understand that if you buy green / unroasted coffee that it will need to be roasted before it can be ground or brewed. The unroasted coffee is labelled as such in the Bag Size drop down menu.

Coffee is a real passion for us, for many of our customers and many people around the world. While most people drink coffee, if you've been bitten by the speciality coffee bug, you can't help but continue to explore all the amazing facets of our beloved beverage. We've always supported our community in their exploration of different types of coffee, and in brewing. We're now very excited to launch some offerings for the aspiring coffee roaster!

If you need equipment to roast on, check out our Gene Cafe Home Coffee Roaster. It even comes with a free bag of this coffee!

About our green / unroasted offerings

We're taking a similar approach to our green coffee offering as we have with our roasted beans and brewing equipment. We want to offer you a curated selection of top quality unroasted beans, rather than a broad range which is a mixed bag (pardon the pun).

Everything will be in the speciality range of cup scores and we're going to do our best to select special coffees within that category. We will always make sure we can trace the coffee back to farm, and provide all the necessary details around what you're buying!

Our green bean offerings will be available in 500g and 2kg bags (double the size of our roasted coffee bags). You can use the drop down to select the amount you'd like to buy.

About El Salvador Los Pirineos Washed

We actually chose this coffee because we already knew it and loved it when it was roasted by our friends at Legado in Stellenbosch. In fact, they've roasted a few coffees from this farm. This particular lot was memorable, and quite unique, so we thought it would be a great one for our home roasters to try.

Unlike many of its straight-laced, nutty compatriots, this coffee was incredibly complex when roasted by Legado. Flavours like peach and honey accompany the more subtle hazelnut notes, and combine with some elegant florals to create taste experiences like Turkish delight or nougat in the cup. Each brew seemed to yield something delicious and different, and we really enjoyed experimenting with it.

The coffee was grown by a farmer who has won his country's Cup of Excellence competition no less than 8 times! Gilberto Baraona has earned his accolades with a dedication to experimentation, as much as to quality. He's leading the charge on the use of new varieties of coffee, and with this, more traditional Bourbon, he may just change your perspective on El Salvadorian coffee.

El Salvador Los Pirineos Washed Coffee Details

  • Cup score: 85.5 (SCAA)
  • Lot: FSC-1207 - LP17-45
  • Altitude: 1,475 masl
  • Variety: Bourbon
  • Preparation: Washed & Soaked
  • Cup profile: Juicy orange, plum with caramel & fudge
  • Crop: 2017
  • Harvest: January - March
  • Shipment: April - July
  • Packaging: GrainPro
  • Owner: Gilberto Baraona
  • Location: Usulutan
  • Country: El Salvador
  • Certification: Rainforest Alliance