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Expobar Office Leva Steam Wand Tip 4 Holes

Expobar Office Leva 4-Hole M8.5 Steam Wand Tip

R 299.00

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The Expobar Office Leva is one of our most popular domestic espresso machines. It's also used very happily by some of our customers in offices and even in small-volume commercial establishments. This isn't surprising given the range's great features and great value.

One of the machine's slight quirks however is that it comes with a steam wand with a single hole on the tip, unlike other machines that may have 2, 3 or even 4 holes. If you're interested to try frothing milk with a slightly different distribution of steam, this little accessory is just what you need, as it replaces the tip of your steam wand, providing 4 steam holes.

This part is made by Expobar themselves and should fit any Office Leva machine!