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Fellow Prismo Valve

Fellow Prismo - Superpowers For Your AeroPress

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Most owners of the AeroPress Coffee Maker already think it's one of coolest coffee contraptions around. After all, what other coffee maker can brew delicious coffee on the go with minimal accessories or fuss? Having said that, the AeroPress has mostly been touted for its filter-style brews... until now that is.

Any espresso aficionado will tell you, to make great espresso, you need pressure, typically supplied by a big hulking machine. The clever folks at Fellow have made a big step towards changing that with the Prismo, giving every AeroPress the superpower of more pressure, to make espresso-style coffee.

The Prismo attaches to the end of your AeroPress where the filter cap usually goes, and with the aid of a free included stainless steel filter, it forces the coffee through a pressure-actuated valve. Because of the additional pressure, the end result is something a heck of a lot like espresso from a proper espresso machine.

The Prismo also offers many other benefits, like a gasket which prevents any leaking out of the sides (every AeroPress owner feels this pain). It also does away with the need for paper filters, if you don't want to use them, since it includes a reusable steel option.

If you own an AeroPress, and sometimes just crave the short, potent syrupy goodness of an espresso style coffee, we can highly recommend the Prismo. Give your AeroPress superpowers! 

Fellow Prismo features

  • Compatible with the AeroPress Coffee Maker (but not the AeroPress Go)
  • Makes espresso style coffee with crema!
  • Generates additional pressure through your AeroPress with pressure actuated valve
  • Designed to stop leakage out of the sides of the AeroPress

Fellow Prismo specifications

  • Polypropylene body 
  • Silicone valve
  • 70 micron etched fine stainless steel filter
  • Non-drip integrated gasket
  • ~7cm diameter x 2.5cm depth

Please note, because of the added pressure, it's not recommended to use the Prismo directly on a thin glass