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Gene Cafe Home Coffee Bean Roaster

Gene Cafe CBR-101 – Home Coffee Bean Roaster

R 12,995.00

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You can actually roast coffee at home in lots of different ways, some as simple as in a frying pan or in the oven. When you try those methods, you quickly realise that it's difficult to produce consistent results though. Part of the issue is ensuring even heat application. The other issue is stopping the roast at the right time and temperature, as a minute here or there can make a massive difference to flavour.

Professional coffee roasters address these challenges by using drum roasters that keep the beans moving while they're heated by a constant stream of hot air. They also use temperature probes to carefully monitor roast development. Of course professional coffee roasting machines are very expensive and not accessible to home roasters.

The Gene Café CBR-101 home coffee bean roaster was developed in 2003 to give home roasters more control and empower them to roast consistently. Like a professional coffee roaster, it keeps the coffee beans in constant motion and uses convection (hot air) to heat evenly. It also has a timer and built in temperature probe allowing you to carefully control your roast development.

The Gene Café is lightweight and portable with a clear roasting chamber and safety cover that enables you to watch the coffee roasting process as it happens. It employs an off-axis rotation chamber ensuring that the roast is as even as possible. Even better, once you've identified the roasting variables you want to use for a coffee, the Gene Café roaster is fully automated, stopping the roast at the time you specify, and roasting at a chosen temperature.

Used to roast high quality green coffee beans, the Gene Café should provide any aspiring home coffee roaster with a lot of fun and the ability to produce quality roasts at home. Buy one to explore the art, science and craft of coffee roasting!

Notes on availability and dispatch timelines

It's finally back. After a long wait, a new shipment of Gene Cafes is now in South Africa and has cleared customs. The units are currently being fitted with South African plugs and will be released for dispatch by mid to end November. We are opening up to pre-orders because we expect the limited stock will sell very quickly, and we don't want anyone to miss out!

Gene Café CBR-101 coffee roaster features

  • Innovative off-axis rotation
  • Convective (hot-air) agitation of roasting beans
  • Time and temperature preset
  • Viewable heat resistant tempered glass chamber
  • Ambient temperature forced ventilation (approx. 8 minutes)
  • Detachable roasting chamber to make filling, emptying and cleaning easy and convenient
  • Easy time control by dial button

Included in the box with the Gene Café coffee bean roaster

  • Main body
  • Roasting chamber
  • Roasting chamber stand
  • Owner's manual
  • Chaff collector
  • Brush
  • Measuring cup

Gene Café CBR-101 coffee roaster specifications

  • 50g to 300g raw green beans capacity
  • Roasting chamber material: heat resistant tempered glass tube (Pyrex©)
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Heater power: 1,300 Watt
  • Temperature control: 0ºF - 482ºF / 0ºC - 250ºC
  • Timer options: 0 - 30 mins
  • Power Supply: 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V - 50/60Hz
  • Noise: 65 dB
  • Dimensions: 49cm W x 24cm D x 23cm H (chaff collector included)