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Gene Cafe Replacement Roasting Chamber Assembly

Gene Cafe Replacement Roasting Chamber Assembly

R 1,499.00

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The Gene Cafe home coffee roaster's Roasting Chamber Assembly is designed to withstand the heat of high temperature roasts, thanks to its pyrex and heat-resistant plastic construction. It is pretty hardy, and should last for years, but in the case of any accidental damage, it is a part that you can replace.

This Roasting Chamber Assembly is a genuine OEM part from the manufacturers of the Gene Cafe coffee roaster. If you've damaged your Roasting Chamber Assembly, it should give your Gene Cafe coffee roaster new life!

The Roasting Chamber Assembly comes with two sets of Blade Cushions.

Please note that the Roasting Chamber Assembly does not come with the plastic stand used to keep it upright shown in the photo here. It will be compatible with the stand you received with your original Gene Cafe.