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Handmade Wooden Accessories For Rocket Espresso Machines

Handmade Wooden Accessories For Rocket Espresso Machines

R 4,999.00 R 5,999.00

This item is only available as part of a special pre-order deal. Orders must be placed by the end of June 2022 and will be fulfilled by the end of August 2022. Please read the pre-order policy below for more details.

Rocket espresso machines are a thing of beauty; there's no debating it. Not only do they do a phenomenal job of making top quality espresso-based drinks in the home, but they also look stunning. It's no wonder that owners of Rocket espresso machines are so proud of their prized possessions.

We're excited to offer our customers a special opportunity to give their beloved Rocket machines that extra bit of style. You can pre-order wooden accessories for your Rocket espresso machine, handmade in Greece, and we will arrange the import and logistics. You can simply choose your preferred type of wood, make your payment and wait patiently (at least as patiently as you can).

What's included

Each kit includes:

  • 1x Portafilter handle
  • 1x Brewing lever knob
  • 2x Knobs (for water and steam)
  • 1x 58.4mm precision tamper with stainless steel base and wooden handle

Each kit will be handmade to order.


These wood accessories can easily be installed on any of the following types of Rocket espresso machines

  • Appartamento
  • Evoluzione V (Giotto & Mozzafiato)
  • Evoluzione R (Giotto & Mozzafiato)
  • Cronometro V (Giotto & Mozzafiato)
  • Cronometro R (Giotto & Mozzafiato)
  • R Cinquantotto
  • R58
  • R60v

About the wood

You have three options to choose from in terms of the wood. Please understand that because these are handcrafted to order, the colour and pattern of the wood you receive may vary slightly. All three types have a high degree of durability and character. These types of wood have been chosen because of their aesthetic and their hardiness. They should make your machine look particularly striking.

Pre-order policy

We need a certain number of pre-orders before we can arrange the manufacture and shipment with the artisans in Greece. Pre-orders will be open until the end of June 2022, or until we hit the minimum threshold. Once the pre-orders are processed, it will take a further 6-8 weeks to manufacture and ship all of the accessories. This means that you will likely receive your order towards the end of August 2022. We will notify you if for any reason we expect any further delays.

If for any reason we are not able to gather sufficient pre-orders or are not able to fulfil your pre-order for any other reason, you will be entitled to a refund in full.

While we hope to be able to maintain local stock of these accessories in the future, we can only offer them on a pre-order basis at this time. By pre-ordering, you will receive your accessories at a special discounted price!

We would recommend placing your pre-order separate from any other items because of the expected lead time. If you combine the order with other items, we can wait till everything is ready, or make arrangements for a partial dispatch, but we may need to charge a separate delivery fee if the value of the other items falls below the free delivery threshold.