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Introduction To Roasting And Cupping With Quaffee

Do you want to learn how to roast coffee? This hands-on roasting and cupping experience will provide you with a base of knowledge and some key concepts of coffee roasting as well as the opportunity to roast a batch with the guidance of one of South Africa's top coffee roasters.


R 895.00 per person


1h 30min

About this experience

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at coffee roasting? Are you curious about the art of small-batch coffee production? Do you want to learn how to roast coffee? Cape Coffee Beans and Quaffee have a unique coffee experience for the truly curious and passionate coffee lovers out there.

This experience is 90 minutes of hands-on coffee roasting with Sino, one of Quaffee's excellent and experienced coffee roasters. The experience will be broken down into three sections: learning, roasting and tasting. While we want to give you the best experience possible, and we will definitely give you some handy information, it's important to remember that roasting coffee is a craft that takes a lifetime of learning and dedication. At the end of the session, you should definitely know more about the basics of roasting, but if you want to master the art, you'll need to devote a lot more time.

About the coffee roasting & cupping experience

The learning part of the experience will touch on some very basic principles of coffee roasting such as the roast curve (also known as the S curve), the various phases of a roast (drying, Maillard, and development phases), first crack, second crack and the importance of using your senses in coffee roasting.

Following this, Sino will roast a batch of the coffee of your choosing, while taking you through the process of roasting the coffee and operating the roaster. Then comes the fun part: you to roast your own 1kg batch of coffee with the guidance of Sino.

Lastly, and this is without a doubt the most important part of roasting, is the cupping. Cupping is a tasting and quality control protocol that roasters and coffee professionals use to taste coffee. For this part of the experience, you will cup Sino's roast, your roast and one other coffee from Quaffee alongside each other to reflect on the flavour and what may be driving the differences.

At the end of the 90 minutes, you will be given the data from your roast including your roast curve, as well as the coffee you roasted to take home!

This collective experience should give you a good foundation of some of the key principles of roasting. If you want to learn how to roast coffee, this is a great place to start.

About Quaffee at the Vineyard's roasting operation

Quaffee At The Vineyard is a small, satellite coffee roastery operated by Quaffee at the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands, Cape Town. It is equipped with a 2.5kg Diedrich coffee roaster and operated by Sino, Quaffee's roaster whom they trained from the ground up. This is where Quaffee has roasted many of its microlots and competition coffees. The space also doubles as a training, quality control and development space where Quaffee explores all the possibilities that coffee has to offer.

Breakdown of the roasting & cupping experience and what you get

  • Brief introduction to roasting

  • One roast with Sino

  • One roast solo (supervised)

  • Comparative tasting session

  • Roast data to take home

  • 1kg Roast to take home - NB: although you put 1kg into the roaster, due to moisture loss, you will get slightly less than this quantity to take home at the end

  • The experience may be attended by one or two people but not more

Once you've done the Roasting Experience or if you are an experienced roaster and you want some time on the Diedrich, why not look at renting it out supervised by the hour. Just contact us if you would like to book some time.

Your Host

Host image

Sino has been with Quaffee for many years, at least as long as we have worked with them, doing everything from delivering coffee to fixing coffee machines. When Quaffee opened up its satellite roastery at the Vineyard Hotel, Sino quickly took on the challenge and got up to speed. He is now one of Quaffee's experienced production roasters and has roasted many of our favourites, including many special microlots. Sino also recently came second in the country in the Shot In The Dark roasting competition. He knows his coffee and he is ready to share his knowledge.