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Legado Ethiopia Biftu Gudina Coffee Beans

Legado - Ethiopia Biftu Gudina

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This Ethiopian roasted by our friends at Legado may give new meaning to the word 'complex'. It could almost be described as mercurial - revealing something different in every cup and sometimes even between sips. While cupping it and brewing it, we found flavours as diverse as burnt orange, lime, raisins, dark berries, honey & even raw cacao. The aromas were almost as varied with orange blossom and vanilla being the most prominent to our noses.

For those who love diverse and complex flavours, we'd really encourage you to get a bag or two of this coffee while you can, and try it in every brew method possible, experimenting with your variables where possible. It will definitely be an adventure.

Roaster's notes

  • Tasting notes: Lime, Floral, Honey
  • Roast: Light
  • Brewing Method Suggestions: Versatile, Filter Machine, V-60 Pour Over, Chemex, Plunger (French Press), Aeropress, Siphon & Espresso

Coffee details

Derived from Amharic language, Biftu Gudina means “ray of development.” The cooperative was established in 2012, and is located in the Agaro – Goma woreda (district) within the Jimma zone. There are about 150 smallholders in total. Located near Jimma town, the co-op benefits from high altitude and rich fertile soils. The surrounding area is green and lush.

The coffee at Biftu Gudina is processed using the washed method. At the washing station, cherries are sorted by hand for unripe and over-ripe fruit prior to entering the hopper that feeds the Penagos eco-pulper. Afterwards the beans are soaked in clean water in concrete tanks for 8 hours. Waste water treatment relies on a natural form of filtration through a vetiver grass plot before it goes into the pits and finally the ground. The beans are then sun dried for 10 to 14 days on raised African drying beds and carefully hand sorted again.

Biftu Gudina has a strong leadership and chairman who together with Technoserve (an NGO that supports farmers in setting up washing stations and new cooperative structures) established the cooperative. Initial funding came from Falcon Coffees. Since Biftu Gudina was established it has become famous in speciality coffee circles thanks to its incredibly complex and luscious flavour and consequently it now commands prices that farmers could only have dreamt of in the past – as much as four times more!

An interesting feature of this coffee is its varietal. This coffee is mainly an improved native varietal called 1274, but also a mix of Ethiopian Heirloom. Ethiopia, being an “origin of all origins”, has hundreds of heirloom varietals. This is the first time for us, tasting this Ethiopian varietal 1274.

  • Producer: 150 Smallholders (Biftu Gudina Washing Station)
  • Harvest: October – December
  • Varietal: 1274 and various other indigenous Ethiopian varietals
  • Processing Method: Fully washed and sun dried
  • Region: Jimma, Western Ethiopia
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Elevation: 1,900 - 2,000m