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Lelit Mara Compact E61 Espresso Machine

Lelit Mara Compact E61 Espresso Machine

R 24,995.00

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Lelit is a family-owned Italian manufacturer of espresso equipment for both home and commercial use. The Mara is one of Lelit's prosumer models, from the Lelit Pro line. While its main claim to fame is the fact that it is the most compact E61 group head espresso machine on the market, we also think it just offers great value for anyone looking for a full featured espresso machine for home or small office use.

About the Lelit Mara Compact E61 Espresso Machine

With the Mara, Lelit has accomplished its stated goal: to put some of the best technology into a machine with a uniquely compact design. The Mara is designed for the serious home barista who is looking for functionality rather than frills, particularly where space may be at a premium.

The Lelit Mara Espresso Machine boasts a full sized 1.5L copper boiler with heat exchanger as well as the tried and tested E61 group head which you will find on many of the top end espresso machines. On that strong foundation, Lelit adds some helpful finer touches like easy to use turning knobs and separate no-burn steam and water wands. It includes a double manometer to visually check steam and boiler pressure, and the P62T version (selected via the drop down menu) improves temperature stability and allows for group temperature control using a PID controller.

Comparing the PL62 & PL62T versions of the Mara

We are currently offering two version of the Lelit Mara: the PL62 and the PL62T. There is essentially only one difference between them; the PL62T has an onboard PID controller for the brew boiler. In practice that means that you can directly set the temperature of the water you are brewing with. It also should mean a bit of additional temperature stability.

You can definitely brew an exceptionally good coffee with either model of the Lelit Mara, but if you want to experiment with temperature, or really fine tune your extractions, you may enjoy having the added functionality of the PID.

About Lelit

Lelit is a brand that values many of the things that we do. It prides itself on offering functionality over frills and offering products that last rather than ones that follow trends. With a strong R&D arm and commercial offering, Lelit excels at putting high end technology in small domestic espresso machines.

Included in the box

  • Single and double complete Lelit portafilters
  • Blind filter
  • 35 lt resin filter
  • Lelit tamper in stainless steel with red wood handle
  • Manual
  • Espresso machine

Lelit Mara Espresso Machine features

  • Cup warmer
  • Polished drip tray in stainless steel
  • Double manometer for coffee/steam pressure
  • Multidirectional, anti-burn steam/water wands
  • Polished old style knobs in phenolic resin with chromed, anti-burn cover
  • PID boiler controller for coffee (PL62T version only)
  • Mirror polished stainless steel appliance body
  • 1.5 l copper boiler with heat exchanger
  • Built in 2.5L water tank
  • E61 type group head with mechanical pre-infusion
  • Group heating through thermo-syphon circulation
  • Professional water-steam tap with spring closure
  • 3 way solenoid valve
  • I-O round, stainless steel switch
  • Led for machine power
  • Led for heating element activation
  • Acoustic alarm for empty water tank
  • Uses 58mm commercial portafilter

Lelit Mara Espresso Machine specifications

  • Coffee/water pump: 15 bar
  • Dimensions LxDxH: 22x40x35.5 cm
  • Boiler heating element: 1400W
  • Voltage: 230V 50Hz – 120V 60Hz
  • Weight (unboxed, empty): 18.8 kg