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Aeropress, Porlex Mini & World Aeropress Championship Book

Ltd Edition Aeropress Brewing Bundle

R 2,449

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The Aeropress Coffee Maker has captured the hearts, minds and palates of coffee lovers all over the world in recent years. From casual coffee drinkers to professional baristas, it's become the coffee maker of choice for single cups and for brewing on the road.

In fact, it has become so popular, and such a cultural phenomenon, that we've seen the emergence of many Aeropress brewing companion accessories, and even a global Aeropress brewing competition. This limited edition bundle aims to share the very best of both those worlds at a special bundle price. It should make an excellent gift, or treat for yourself.

Included in the Ltd Edition Aeropress Brewing Bundle

In this bundle, you will get an Aeropress Coffee Maker with all its standard accessories (filters, stirring paddle, base, funnel, scoop) as well as the Porlex Mini, which is really the Rolls Royce of manual coffee grinders, and the ideal compact companion for your Aeropress. In addition to this perfect set of brewing tools, you'll also get the beautiful World Aeropress Championship Annual book, which includes the brewing recipes of every national champion from the most recent competition!