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Truth Manhattan Project Give Peace A Chance Decaf Coffee Beans

Manhattan Project - Give Peace A Chance Swiss Water Decaf

R 735.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans several times per week. Please allow up to 2-3 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

The Manhattan Project is a brand created by none other than Truth Coffee Roasting for commercial operations. The WMD blend is perfectly formulated for fully automatic bean to cup machines, and the Relativity blend is ideal for traditional espresso. They offer good quality, surprisingly affordable options for businesses of all scales.

Of course most businesses have to cater to all kinds of requirements, including those who don't enjoy the effects of caffeine. For those customers, employees or anyone else, Give Peace A Chance is the perfect companion to WMD or Relativity. This decaf blend is balanced, easy to extract and will work well in any type of machine. It is a Colombian single origin decaffeinated using the chemical-free Swiss Water process. Buy it alongside your main blend for a high quality decaf offering. 

Give Peace A Chance comes in affordable and practical 2.25kg bags - perfect for commercial applications. If you're interested in a regular order, we would be happy to quote you on wholesale pricing. Please just contact us with details of your required volumes.

    Roaster's notes

    • Colombia Excelso (Swiss Water Decaffeination Process)
    • Deep, complex, and chocolatey with slight caramel flavour
    • Designed to be made as an espresso, on a automatic bean to cup or barista machine (decaffeinated coffee)