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Nuova Simonelli MCI Stepless Espresso Grinder

Nuova Simonelli MCI Stepless Espresso Grinder

R 8,499.00

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The Nuova Simonelli MCI Espresso Grinder, sometimes referred to as the 'Mignon' grinder, is for serious espresso enthusiasts. Built in a small package that will feel at home on any kitchen counter, it puts stepless adjustments into the hands of the home barista. That means that you can perfectly dial in every shot with an effectively infinite amount of grind settings to experiment with.

The MCI Grinder is doserless using a manual 'on demand' system which will allow you to achieve your ideal espresso dose, particularly combined with a good coffee scale. It uses 50mm hardened steel burrs which should stay sharp for a very long time in a home environment. The machine is actually rated for up to 4kg of coffee ground per hour, which is why you'll sometimes even see these in cafés, and it comes with a standard 250g removable plastic hopper which is the perfect size for the home user.

MCI Espresso Grinder Features

  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Removable hopper
  • Stainless steel flat burrs
  • Doserless on demand operation

MCI Espresso Grinder Specifications

  • 50mm Flat Steel Burrs
  • 250g Hopper Capacity
  • Rated for up to 4kg/hour
  • Height: 324mm
  • Width: 113mm
  • Depth: 159mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Motor speed: 1350 rpm
  • Power: 225 Watts

Warranty & Service

  • 1 year warranty
  • Service available through South African main-centre agents

A paid service every 6-12 months is recommended