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Origin Coffee Roasting - Colombia Inza Cauca Coffee Beans

Origin Coffee Roasting - Colombia Ignacio Quintero Microlot

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Apricots! This wonderful coffee tastes more like apricots than anything else you've ever tasted (except maybe an apricot). Specifically, it's got that deep, sweet and slightly tangy flavour of well-ripened apricot, and perhaps even the sweetness of an apricot crumble.

Our friends at Origin Coffee Roasting have prepared this very special Microlot coffee as a medium/light roast, but it's definitely not lacking in body or sweetness. We enjoyed it thoroughly in pour-overs, Aeropress brews and moka pots, and it definitely will make sensational espresso.

A microlot is a coffee from a specific harvest at a specific farm that has been singled out because of its particularly high quality. This particular microlot was grown by Igancio Quintero, a member of the ASORCAFE association of coffee growers, who are committed to coffee quality as well as sustainable farming.

Roaster's notes

  • Flavour: Blackberry Jam, Dried Apricot, Turmeric
  • Body: Medium, Buttery
  • Roast: Light-Medium
  • Acidity: Tangy, Berry
  • At its Best: Pourover, Mokapot, Espresso

Coffee details

  • Farm: Finca Buena Vista
  • Altitude: 1,850 meters above sea level
  • Owner: Ignacio Quintero
  • Varietals: 70% Colombia, Caturra & Castillo
  • Processing: Washed, fermented for 24 hours & dried in beds under plastic roof
  • Town/City: Alto de Topa
  • Region: Inzá, Cauca
  • Country: Colombia