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Origin Coffee Roasting - 5x African Bags

Origin Coffee Roasting - Ethiopia & Kenya Bundle

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While there are plenty of other coffee-producing countries on the continent worthy of recognition, it's hard to dispute that Ethiopia & Kenya are the heavyweights when it comes to African coffee. In terms of heritage, production methods and even trade mechanisms, these two countries are at the top of the African coffee world, and their best coffee exports reflect this leadership in the cup.

Our friends at Origin Coffee Roasting have always shared some of the very best Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees with us, particularly around this time of year, as fresh crops come into season. This year we are particularly spoiled by the selection they have to offer, so we've put together this bundle to encourage our customers to sample all of this phenomenal African coffee.

This bundle provides the opportunity to try a selection from each country, as well as a variety of processing methods, giving an insight into the interaction between terroir and production methods on coffee flavour. These are versatile, complex and flavourful coffees that any adventurous coffee lover will thoroughly enjoy.

In the Ethiopia & Kenya coffee bean bundle

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