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Origin Coffee Roasting - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans

Origin Coffee Roasting - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Natural

R 140

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With this latest release, our friends at Origin Coffee Roasting are offering us another opportunity to understand the impact of processing on coffee flavour, as they also currently have a washed coffee from the same region available.

As you might expect, the natural processing definitely gives this Kochere even more body than its washed cousin, and there's lots of that fermented fruit quality that people who like natural coffees enjoy. There's also a wonderful tangy acidity that underpins the coffee's complexity, and we found hints of dark stone fruit, berries & tropical fruit flavours in the cup, as well as a luxurious toffee sweetness.

This is a coffee to play around with in terms of brew methods, but we particularly enjoyed it in an Aeropress, a moka pot, a siphon and a short V60 pour-over. It should also make sensational espresso.

Roaster's notes

  • Flavour: Toffee Apple, Fig, Papaya
  • Body: Light-Medium, Delicate
  • Roast: Light-Medium
  • Acidity: Tangy, Tropical
  • At its best: Plunger, Aeropress, Espresso

Coffee details

  • Owner: Mareshu Sima partnering with Testi Trading PLC
  • Town: Kochere and surrounds
  • Region: Gedeyo, Yirgacheffe
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1,500 to 2,000 masl
  • Varieties: Heirloom
  • Processing: Natural and dried on African beds