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Origin Coffee Roasting - Experimental Blend No1

Origin Coffee Roasting - Experimental Blend No1

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We have to admit it. As self-proclaimed and proud specialty coffee snobs, we devote a lot more of our attention to single origin coffees than to blends. The reality is that that's where most of the action happens in terms of interesting flavours. It's also true that single origins are constantly changing, providing variety and adventure for those who seek it. Nevertheless, once in a while, a blend comes along that reminds us that there is something truly magical (and delicious) about artfully combined high quality components. Blends can be sublime. This one certainly is.

To be fair, our friends at Origin Coffee Roasting already knocked our socks off this season with their latest seasonal blend. There's no doubt about it; these guys know how to blend, but they've also taken it to a whole new level with this first edition of their new range of experimental blends.

Some of the longer standing Origin fans may remember the Angry Goat blends of festive seasons past. Like those, this new range of experimental blends is an opportunity for Origin's talented roasters to fully express their blending talents, by using only the highest quality single origin components. In fact, this one includes three coffees that we have thoroughly enjoyed on their own. Together, they are a veritable flavour symphony.

The first movement of this symphony is an explosion of berry sweetness. Your first sip will reveal ripe cherries, and that flavour will linger on your palate and morph slowly into something more like blueberries on the finish. Subsequent sips reveal something entirely different though. As it cools, this coffee becomes more tea-like, with herbal and black tea notes to discern. Last but not least, a wonderful florality and spiciness reveal themselves as you start to pick up the more subtle notes. On the occasional cup, we also tasted some apricot.

How should you brew this coffee you might ask? Often is our answer, and any and every way you can. It's a true all rounder, and every brew method will show you something different. Don't waste time. Get a bag. Your taste buds will thank you later.

In Experimental Blend No1

Roaster's notes

  • Flavour: Jasmine tea, cherry, wine, cinnamon finish
  • Mouthfeel/Body: Big, velvety
  • Roast: Light-medium
  • Acidity: Complex fruit
  • Suitable for: Chemex, espresso, milk-based espresso