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Origin Kenya Gitare AB Coffee Beans

Origin Coffee Roasting - Kenya Gitare AB

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It's always a great thing when our friends at Origin Coffee Roasting release a new Kenyan. They've really got a knack for both choosing and roasting coffees from one of Africa's most celebrated coffee producing countries. This AB lot is a wonderful example of Kenyan coffee in all its flavourful glory!

From the moment we got a whiff of the aroma of the dry grounds of this coffee on the cupping table, we knew it was going to be a winner. There is a veritable cocktail of fruit to enjoy, even before it ever touches your taste buds, and when you take that first sip, it doesn't disappoint. You'll find tart fruit flavours like raspberry and passion fruit in every cup, but these are enhanced by an incredible sweetness and mouthfeel that really does remind you of custard.

Our most sublime results with this coffee were in a French press or a long Chemex brew (and the cupping bowl for that matter). That may be because it favours brew methods that allow for a longer extraction at cooler temperatures. Whatever the reason, you shouldn't miss out on this luxurious flavour experience.

Roaster's notes

  • Flavour: Custard, Raspberry, Passion fruit
  • Body: Medium, Smooth
  • Roast: Light-Medium
  • Acidity: Tart, Berry
  • At its best: Siphon, Plunger, Moka pot, Espresso

Coffee details

  • Mill: Gitare Factory
  • Owner: Kimaratia Farmers Cooperative Society
  • Varietals: SL28, SL34, K7, Ruiru 11, Batian
  • Processing: Fully washed & sun-dried on African beds
  • Altitude: 1,500 masl
  • Town/City: Gatundu
  • Region: Kiambu County
  • Country: Kenya